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ROPEX Booster (B)
Heat Seal Controller Accessories:

The Ropex Booster, external switching relay, necessary for high primary currents. Only the original ROPEX Boosters should be used with RES and Cirus temperature controllers. Other relays may cause the equipment to malfunction.

  • DIN-rail mount.

Ropex Booster for Resistron and Cirus Controllers

Ropex Controller Booster:

B-075415 / B-100400 Installation Instructions:Ropex pdf

ROPEX Models and Part Numbers:

Booster B-xxx4xx ...

  • B-075400: Part No. 885301 ***Obsolete***

  • B-075415: Part No. 885302 ***Obsolete***

  • B-075480: Part No. 885306 ***New*** Replacement for Part No. 885302

  • B-100400: Part No. 885304

  • B-100480: Part No. 885306


P: 414 507-9378


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