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ROPEX RES-407 Resistron:

RES-5007 ... replaces the RES-407 | In-stock USA

The ROPEX Resistron RES-407 controller utilizes microprocessor technology for sensorless, closed-loop control of impulse heating elements. The ROPEX RES-407 is designed for simple plug-in system integration.

The ROPEX Resistron RES-407 contains the following features:

ROPEX RES-407 Features:

Ropex Resistron RES-407 Heat Seal Controller
  • µC-Technology

  • Automatic zero calibration (AUTOCAL)

  • Automatic optimization (AUTOTUNE)

  • Automatic frequency adjustment

  • Large current and voltage range

  • Alarm function with fault diagnostics

  • Selectable temperature range (0...300°C, 0...500°C)

  • Electrically isolated analog input for temperature set point selection with (PD)
    potentiometer or 0...10 VDC

  • Electrically isolated 0...10 VDC analog output for ACTUAL temperature

  • 24 VDC isolated control signals for START, AUTOCAL and RESET

  • Automatic configuration of secondary voltage and current ranges
    (AUTORANGE, as of April 2005)

  • Automatic phase angle compensation (AUTOCOMP, as of April 2005)

  • Selectable heatseal band alloy (A20 (Alloy-20), A20L, Low-Ex)

  • RES-407 Operating Instructions:Ropex pdf

    For additional downloads, please visit ... or click here to add Ropex tab

ROPEX RES-407 Resistron Part Numbers:

Part numbers for 115, 230 and 400 VAC units.
Selectable temperature range (0-200°C, 0-300°C, 0-400°C or 0-500°C)

  • RES-407/115VAC Part No. 740701

  • RES-407/230VAC Part No. 740702

  • RES-407/400VAC Part No. 740703

  • Alternate industry names for RES-407 controllers:

    • RES-407, RES407, RES_407, res-407, res407, res_407

Old part numbers for 115, 230 and 400 VAC units (prior to June 2003)

Part numbers for 0-300°C ,115, 230 and 400 VAC units

  • RES-407-0-3/115VAC Part No. 740701 (replaced by Part No. 740701)

  • RES-407-0-3/230VAC Part No. 740702 (replaced by Part No. 740702)

  • RES-407-0-3/400VAC Part No. 740703 (replaced by Part No. 740703)

Part numbers for 0-500°C ,115, 230 and 400 VAC units

  • RES-407-0-5/115VAC Part No. 740705 (replaced by Part No. 740701)

  • RES-407-0-5/230VAC Part No. 740706 (replaced by Part No. 740702)

  • RES-407-0-5/400VAC Part No. 740707 (replaced by Part No. 740703)

ROPEX RES-407 Optional Modifications:

Ropex Resistron RES-407 Heat Seal Controller

RES-407 + MOD 26 | In-stock USA

  • Amplifier for low voltages (MOD 01)
    • Part No. 800001
  • Booster terminal (MOD 26) ... pictured
    • Part No. 800026
  • "Temperature OK" signal (MOD 40)
    • Part No. 800040

Note: Please indicate controller part number and required optional modifications at time of order.

Example: RES-407/400VAC + MOD 26
(controller for 400VAC power supply with booster connection)

Order Part. No. 740703 + 800026.

ROPEX Accessories:

... available for the Ropex Resistron Heatseal Controllers:


P: 414 507-9378


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