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Why use ROPEX Heat Seal Controls?

    Where are Ropex RES temperature controls applied?
    They are used in:

    • Vertical and horizontal form/fill/seal bagging machines

    • Bag filling and closing machines

    • Wrapping machines

    • Bag-making machines

    • Group packaging machines

    • Special machines


    Why do you need Ropex RES temperature controllers?

    • Machines are operating faster and many films are more difficult to seal

    • Consistent sealing with integrity is essential under all operating conditions

    • Machine users are demanding longer life for heatseal elements

    • Machine down time is more costly and must be avoided

    • Customers are demanding better packaging quality

    • RES temperature controllers provide reliability and functionality built upon 25 years of product development and know how.


    What is the functionality of the Ropex RES temperature controllers?

    Without the use of sensors, they precisely measure and regulate the temperature of the heatseal elements such as:

    • Heatseal Bands

    • Beaded Bands

    • Vertical Heatseal Tools

    • Hot Air Blowers

    • Cutting Wires

    • Contoured Bands

    • Contoured Sealing/Cutting Tools

    • Special Heat Conductors


    How does the Ropex RES temperature controller work?

    ROPEX RES Technologie - By use of continuous current and voltage measurements, the controller monitors the change in resistance of the heatseal element caused by the temperature variation. This measurement cycle is executed 50 times/second (50 Hz) or 60 times/second (60 Hz).

    ROPEX RES Controllers maintain the heatseal element temperature at the pre-selected set-point by adjusting the primary voltage of the power transformer. With closed-loop resistance / temperature control, any change in the heatseal element temperature will cause a corresponding change in resistance. The controller will detect this change and instantly respond. The actual temperature is continuously regulated to maintain the pre-selected set-point. Even infinitesimal thermal changes are instantly detected and corrected with precision.


    The advantages of Ropex RES are:

    • The heat is produced exactly when and where it is needed.

      • Instantaneous response to thermal changes

    • Temperature measurement is accomplished directly by instantaneous electrical quality (voltage and current) with high sampling rates

      • Virtually lag free data measurement

    • The small mass of the heat seal element allows for:

      • Rapid heating

      • Rapid cooling

    Why USE Resistron:Ropex pdf

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